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Next spring Yann Tiersen returns to Riga with a new program
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GUNS N' ROSES fans, we are waiting for you all at this show in TOWER club 1st of November!

The first hundred Early bird tickets costs only 30 euros! 

The Red Shoes – a show-sensation from Paris

A free adaptation of Andersens famous fairy tale, this enchanting play comes to life on our stage and transports you to a romantic world where love, dance and fame come together in a touching story.

Offset, Nothing But Thieves, Jacob Collier and many more added to Positivus festival line-up

Positivus festival has not experienced such diversity in the line-up for a long time, and this summer we can expect a wide range of music genres, the names of current top artists. The line-up of the Positivus festival has been expanded by Migos member Offset, British rock group Nothing But Thieves, delightful Benjamin Clementine, multiple Grammy Award winner and outstanding jazz pianist Jacob Collier - The Djesse Solo Show, Arcade Fire member's project Will Butler & Sisters Squares, Picture Parlor, domestic band Detlef and Ozols. Festival tickets are available at www.positivusfestival.com and bilesuserviss.lv. 

This summer Matteo Bocelli will perform in Jurmala

This summer, the Italian singer and composer Matteo Bocelli will perform for the first time in Latvia. After the release of His debut album 'Matteo,' the son of the legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli has embarked on an extensive tour of the United States, Europe and Australia, during which He will give a concert on June 14th at the 'Dzintari' concert hall.

HAUSER's Sigulda concert is completely sold out half a year before the scheduled date

6 months before the scheduled date - July 10th - the concert of cello virtuoso HAUSER on stage of the picturesque Castle of Sigulda was completely sold out. All seats and standing spaces were sold out within a month and a half. The artist is happily excited by such a great response and is looking forward to his first meeting with the Latvian audience.

Jason Derulo one of the main headliners at next year's Positivus festival

Jason Derulo is the first known headliner for next year's Positivus festival who will perform on LMT stage. The artist's concerts are famous for their spectacular dance shows filled with hits, hot rhythms and positive energy.

Positivus festival next summer will take place on July 19-20

Next summer Positivus festival will take place on July 19 & 20 in Riga, Lucavsala. Only for 3 days, starting from December 5th, tickets for the festival will be available at the lowest “Early Bird” ticket price. At the request of the public and an essential part of the festival, we are happy to announce that Camping Site will also return to the festival.

Sting announces June 2024 show at Tartu Song Festival Grounds

The Cherrytree Music Company and Live Nation announce that the legendary 17-time Grammy Award-winning artist, Sting, will be gracing the stage with a special "My Songs" concert at the Tartu Song Festival Grounds on June 10th, 2024.

The only Ed Sheeran show in the Baltic – next August in Kaunas

On August 3rd, 2024 multiple award-winning superstar Ed Sheeran will perform at the recently renovated S.Darius and S. Girenas stadium in Kaunas. 

Next spring Yann Tiersen returns to Riga with a new program

On March 16, the French multi-instrumentalist and composer Yann Tiersen will perform at the Palladium concert hall. After a 9-year gap, he returns to Latvia to offer to the concertgoers a special two-in-one program. The first part of the concert will be occupied by a piano performance of the Tiersen's best-known pieces, while during the second part he will give an electronic music performance, which named “Kerber Complete Tour: Solo Piano + Electronics”.

The new tour will focus on making personal connections, finding people and places that would be impossible within the constraints of a usual tour. With no crew, rider or any of the usual paraphrenia of touring, Tiersen will journey across Europe solo in his campervan, avoiding motorways, stopping to play in rural towns and villages, and he plans to make arrangements to eat at a friend, promoter, venue owner or fan’s home each day. The tour will start in Orleans, in France and travel throughout Europe, ending in Brittany.
As part of this relaxed tour, also the event on March 16 will take place in Riga's Palladium concert hall.

Tickets in the entire www.bilesuserviss.lv network from Wednesday, November 15.

Yann Tiersen's name is probably first associated with the chords permeated by dreamy melancholy in the romantic comedy "Amélie" (with the lovely Audrey Tautou in the lead role) or the sound waves of anxiety in the German tragicomedy "Good Bye, Lenin!". However, Tiersen's musical boundaries extend far beyond the horizons of just the world of cinema. Yes, critics have compared his work to the ones of  Philip Glass and Michael Nyman, and there is no doubt that Tiersen is one of the greatest and most original composers of our century, but at the same time, his music is not easy to classify. His musical style is deceptively easy to recognize but difficult to define. It varies greatly from one album to another and with time. His melancholic music and composing techniques mix classical and folk music elements with pop and rock ones.

Yann Tiersen composes and makes arrangements incorporating using an unimaginable number of different instruments (a part of which even can't be named musical). From the classical grand to the toy piano, from various guitars to the bouzouki and oud, from the French horn and saxophone to the glockenspiel, vibraphone and tam-tam, or the sounds produced by typewriters, cooking vessels or bicycle wheels. Amazingly, Tiersen himself plays all these traditional and not so traditional instruments both in the studio or on a live set.

Even though in an interview, Yann Tiersen emphasizes: "I'm not a composer and I really don't have a classical [musical] background", it's still coquetry. At the age of 4, little Yann learns to play the piano, and when he reaches his 6th birthday, he starts learning the violin. In his later years, he received classical training at several musical academies, including those in Rennes, Nantes, and Boulogne-sur-Mer.
While studying in Rennes, he manages to see bands like Nirvana, Einstürzende Neubaten, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Cramps, Television, Suicide, etc. Perhaps this is influenced by teenage maximalism: at the age of 13, Yann breaks his violin, buys a guitar and starts a rock band. But its life is short-lived, and soon Tiersen is alone again.

Instead of looking for new bandmates, he buys a cheap mixing desk and an 8-track reel-to-reel tape recorder. Experimenting with a synthesizer, a sampler and a drum machine, Yann's recording music on his own. In search of the imagined perfect sound, he listens to "tons of different music" and, not finding what he was looking for, comes to the conclusion that "you can take a lousy violin and create it yourself". In the summer of 1993, using the guitar, violin and piano accordion, around 40 compositions were created, which soon turned into Yann Tiersen's first two albums. The author himself calls it "a musical anarchic vision", because he did not follow classical canons, but intuition and his inner vision.

In 1995 and 1996, with an interval of 6 months, the first albums of Yann Tiersen "La Valse Des Monstres" and "Rue Des Cascades" (a collection of short pieces created with a toy piano, a harpsichord, a violin, a piano accordion, and a mandolin) were released. Five years later several tracks received greater exposure when they were featured on the Jean-Pierre Jeunet's film “Amélie”.
The soundtrack was a mixture of both new and previously released material, and Tiersen was also the recipient of the César Award for “Best Music Written for a Film”, and of the World Soundtrack Academy award. The soundtrack album charted in many countries, including the number one position on the French Albums Chart.

During that time, also the albums of the music author have already gained considerable recognition. The album "Le Phare", released in 1998, received enthusiastic critical acclaim (Tiersen is called one of the most original and leading composers of the new century) and became a commercial success.
In the following albums, he begins to collaborate with a number of well-known musicians and soloists: Ensemble Orchestral Synaxis, Lisa Germano, Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy), Jane Birkin, Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Stuart A. Staples (Tindersticks), etc.
In the middle of the last decade, Tiersen also took his music out around the world, playing shows with a full orchestra and an amplified string quartet.

It is natural that the world fame of “Amélie” made the author of its music in demand in film circles. In 2003 and 2008, the tragicomedy “Good Bye, Lenin!” and the documentary drama “Tabarly” appeared on the screens. And this time the soundtracks for both were conceived from scratch.
The most recent work of Yann Tiersen is the album "11 5 18 2 5 18", which was presented to the listeners in 2022.

More info:

Amélie theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0cZukTFXNw
Goodbye, Lenin! theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIa01kcmLgY
Excerpt from the electronic set https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxTm2csHjSk&t=291s
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