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Thirty Seconds To Mars this autumn at Arena Riga
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Molchat Doma to perform in Riga this November

On November 13, the Belarusian post-punk sensation and authors of the hit "Sudno (Boris Ryzhy)," the band Molchat Doma, will be performing at the Palladium concert hall as part of their world tour.

Chet Faker will perform in Riga with his only set in the Baltics

Chet Faker, famous for performing the hits Gold, No Diggity, Talk Is Cheap, Low, will perform with a DJ show on July 5th at VEF Kvartāls (Riga, Ūnijas street 8, k-7). This summer, it will be the artist's only performance in the Baltics.

The music of Giacomo Puccini in Jurmala!

Artists of the festival Torre del Lago as part of the world tour dedicated to the memory of the great maestro, will perform in the concert hall «Dzintari».

At the end of the summer, electronic giants Faithless will perform in Sigulda

Celebrating the end of summer, one of the world's most famous electronic music bands of all time - Faithless - will perform on the stage of Sigulda Castle on September 3rd.

Ski Mask the Slump God and many more added to the Positivus Festival line-up

With a few weekends left until one of the most awaited festivals this summer, many powerfull names are added to the Positivus festival line-up. The Hip Hop camp is strengthened by Ski Mask the Slump God and Fiņķis. Especially notable this year is the presence of several Ukrainian artists at the festival, including the masters of experimental nostalgia Kautkaili and many other younger domestic music names.

Italian sensation The Kolors for the first time in Latvia

On April 4, 2025, the Italian pop-rock sensation The Kolors will perform at the Palladium concert hall as part of their first European tour.

Nemzzz, Royel Otis, Wiesulis and others added to Positivus Festival line-up

Celebrating the remaining 100 days until the festival, Positivus Festival announces another addition to the lineup, which, as always, surprises. For British hip-hop fans, the festival offers the rapidly rising British rapper NEMZZZ, who already has no shortage of fans in Latvia, and the even faster-growing local rapper Wiesulis.

GUNS N' ROSES fans, we are waiting for you all at this show in TOWER club 1st of November!

The first hundred Early bird tickets costs only 30 euros! 

Offset, Nothing But Thieves, Jacob Collier and many more added to Positivus festival line-up

Positivus festival has not experienced such diversity in the line-up for a long time, and this summer we can expect a wide range of music genres, the names of current top artists. The line-up of the Positivus festival has been expanded by Migos member Offset, British rock group Nothing But Thieves, delightful Benjamin Clementine, multiple Grammy Award winner and outstanding jazz pianist Jacob Collier - The Djesse Solo Show, Arcade Fire member's project Will Butler & Sisters Squares, Picture Parlor, domestic band Detlef and Ozols. Festival tickets are available at www.positivusfestival.com and bilesuserviss.lv. 

HAUSER's Sigulda concert is completely sold out half a year before the scheduled date

6 months before the scheduled date - July 10th - the concert of cello virtuoso HAUSER on stage of the picturesque Castle of Sigulda was completely sold out. All seats and standing spaces were sold out within a month and a half. The artist is happily excited by such a great response and is looking forward to his first meeting with the Latvian audience.

Jason Derulo one of the main headliners at next year's Positivus festival

Jason Derulo is the first known headliner for next year's Positivus festival who will perform on LMT stage. The artist's concerts are famous for their spectacular dance shows filled with hits, hot rhythms and positive energy.

Positivus festival next summer will take place on July 19-20

Next summer Positivus festival will take place on July 19 & 20 in Riga, Lucavsala. Only for 3 days, starting from December 5th, tickets for the festival will be available at the lowest “Early Bird” ticket price. At the request of the public and an essential part of the festival, we are happy to announce that Camping Site will also return to the festival.

The only Ed Sheeran show in the Baltic – next August in Kaunas

On August 3rd, 2024 multiple award-winning superstar Ed Sheeran will perform at the recently renovated S.Darius and S. Girenas stadium in Kaunas. 

Thirty Seconds To Mars this autumn at Arena Riga

One of the most significant rock bands of the 21st century, "Thirty Seconds to Mars," will delight countless fans of their music with a concert on October 3rd at Arena Riga as part of their world concert tour. Tickets will be available for sale from April 26th at 10:00 am on the "Biļešu Serviss" network. FBI and Positivus Festival concert club members, as well as Delfi+ subscribers, will be able to purchase tickets in advance starting from April 24th at 10:00 am, using a code that will be sent to registered users.

The American rock band "Thirty Seconds To Mars" is one of the most explosive and successful concert ensembles of modern times, whose musical performances captivate everyone in the whirlwind of events, just as the name suggests, swiftly transporting them to a distant planet, the attainment of which, lazily munching on Mars chocolate bars, people have long dreamed of. "Thirty Seconds To Mars" was formed in 1998 in Los Angeles by two brothers - Jared Leto (Jared Leto, lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards) and Shannon Leto (Shannon Leto, drums, percussion), who had been making music together since childhood, so mutual understanding was already ingrained in them.

Inspired by his mother's hippie lifestyle, Shannon Leto began rhythmically banging on pots and pans, naturally developing his talent for playing percussive instruments, while Jared's first musical instrument was a set of broken pianos. For their first album, the two brothers, who had already been exposed to various forms of art early on, enlisted two heavyweights of the recording industry as producers - Canadian Bob Ezrin, whose list of collaboration partners includes a number of "immortal" rock classics - Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, and American Brian Virtue, who has worked with significant later-period rock bands such as "Jane's Addiction," "Audioslave," and "Deftones." The debut album released in 2002, "30 Seconds To Mars," which had struggled with release opportunities from several record companies, earned high praise from critics. Subsequently, the band began using the abbreviated version of their name with numbers at the beginning, which also worked as a marketing trick, appearing twice in alphabetical lists, just as the lead singer's name appeared equally prominently in two different art forms - film and music. Over the following years, having performed countless sold-out concerts worldwide and headlining in front of tens of thousands of fans at many festivals, five more successful recordings were released, with the latest - "It's the End of the World but It's a Beautiful Day" - coming out in the fall of 2023.

Initially, the group did not want to advertise that their leader was already a well-known Hollywood actor, in order to let the music speak first, rather than news of the participant's previous achievements, but of course, this fact was not kept secret for long. Jared Leto, who studied art and directing in his youth, also created several music videos for his band, but did not "sign" them with his name either. There are plenty of singing actors and appearances of famous musicians in movies are quite common, but Jared Leto has been equally successful in both actor and musician careers. For his very diverse film roles, Jared has been nominated for significant awards over a hundred times and has won them 43 times. However, the role of the lead singer of a rock band could be considered the most important role in his life, from which he does not easily break free, as from the others, which are devoted to a limited period of life while filming takes place. Because of his film roles, Jared has been ready for almost anything, including physical transformations from extreme emaciation for a drug addict role and immersing himself in the persona of Mark David Chapman, John Lennon's murderer, to substantial weight gain, throwing himself into almost everything he does, with body and soul in a literal sense.

The group has always emphasized that "Thirty Seconds To Mars" is not just the famous singer, actor, and songwriter Jared Leto with his accompanying band, because the vocalist in the band is no less important, his elder brother - drummer Shannon Leto. Both are the only members who have remained unchanged in the group for the third decade, as the rest change periodically. Any cohesive and harmonious musical ensemble operates as a single organism or a well-oiled mechanism, but most people usually notice who is in the foreground, undeservedly forgetting or unknowingly that all of this is driven by some invisible force from outside. Shannon, the drummer, and Jared, the facade, most certainly serve as the engine or heart that pumps the energy of "Thirty Seconds To Mars." Shannon's musical interests from the very beginning were not limited to just mastering drumming techniques but encompassed the overall sound of music and the emotions it evoked - he was inspired by progressive rock and blues classics, as well as jazz music and early heavy metal bands, which resulted in "Thirty Seconds To Mars" being recognized as one of the most significant bands of the first decade of the 21st century by the heavy music magazine "Kerrang!," which is an important entry in their biography, in addition to awards received from comprehensive globally significant music media outlets - "MTV" and the British magazine NME (New Musical Express). By 2014 - a time when music recognition was judged not by the frequency of streaming but by the number of physical albums sold, "Thirty Seconds To Mars" had sold over 15 million copies of their albums worldwide."
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