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The best of 90s

Fr 20/10/2023 20:00
Arēna Rīga
36.20 - 46.20
The world's most popular representatives of dance music of the 1990’s will perform in Arena Riga
The Independent Group of Music Producers announces that the sale of tickets for the concert "The best of 90'S", which will take place at the Arena Riga on October 20, 2023, has begun.
It will be an unforgettable concert with the participation of the biggest stars of the world dance music of the 1990’s. The dance music movement of the nineties is a unique phenomenon in the history of popular music.
Dance music legends: JOE THOMPSON - the performer of the legendary hits of DOWN LOW, as well as the sexy singer NATASCHA WRIGHT / ex-LA BOUCHE / will delight the audience with a great show.
The main artists of this concert will be the singer JENNY BERGREEN from legendary Swedish pop group ACE OF BASE.
Concert visitors will be able to enjoy the brightest compositions of the nineties, loved by all the songs “All That She Wants”, “Beatiful Life”, “Sweet Dreams”, “Be My Lover”, “Johnny B”, "Gangsta's Paradise" and many others.
And what would a concert be without the founders of Latvian dance music - the legendary band A-EUROPA and its leader Arturs Duboks! At the concert you will hear this group.

"White Roses", "Jurmala", "Girls in Riga" are just some of the many compositions of the A-EUROPA group that captivated the public. This is music that has been loved by several generations - from those who grew up on the songs of these performers, to today's youth. These melodies are incredibly bright, very energetic and positive, when you hear them you involuntarily want to indulge in carefree dance rhythms.
A-EUROPA has released two albums to date, both of which are certified platinum. This year the band has found a new sound and plays music with live accompaniment.

This Swedish group is a pop icon of the 90s, which has gained worldwide recognition in a short time! 60 million CDs sold by vocalist and bandleader JENNY BERGGREN is a hard-to-break record!
The band's first two released songs, "All That She Wants" and "Wheel Of Fortune", reached number one and two on the Danish sales charts before the band's music videos and other promotional material were released.
This was followed by the group's album "The Sign", which conquered the top of the world music charts. The success of the album in Sweden was overwhelming, in that year it even brought in more revenue than the national car company Volvo.
In the 1990s, the band continued to record singles such as "Beautiful Life", "Lucky Love", "Cruel Summer" and "Life Is a Flower". By 2002, ACE OF BASE had sold a total of 30 million copies of their first four studio albums, becoming the third most successful Swedish music group of all time after ABBA and ROXETTE.

Following the ACE OF BASE tour in 2009, JENNY BERGGREN released her biography "To Win The World". JENNY
BERGGREN is back on tour.
DOWN LOW with rapper Joe Thompson

The band formed in December 1995 at K-Town Studios in Kaiserslautern, Germany. It included American rapper Joe Thompson, who served in the US Army during Operation Desert Storm and was friends with Rod D. of Fun Factory.
Down Low's second single "Vision of Life" became a popular hit in several European countries.
Together with Flip Da Scrip, Down Low produced the song "Nothing Like Viva", which became the anthem of the "Hip Hop Alliance" project of the German music channel VIVA.
Rapper Joe Thompson and the Down Low project are a legend of the 90s, known for such world-famous mega-hits as "Johnny B", "Murder". DOWN LOW is credited as one of the first successful bands to combine mid-nineties European style hip hop along with acts such as C-Block and Nana.
Natasha Wright  (ex-LA BOUCHE)
This German electronic dance duo is best known for their hits "Be My Lover", "Sweet Dreams", "You Won't Forget Me" and "Tonight".
The group was founded in 1994 in Frankfurt am Main. One of its creators was the famous producer Frank Farian (Boney M). He has worked with techno DJ Ulli Brenner and producer Amir Saraf. American singer Melanie Thornton and rapper Lane McRae were also invited to participate in the project.
Unfortunately, on November 24, 2001, Melanie Thornton died in a plane crash. After this accident, producer Frank Farian dedicated the song "In Your Life" to her.
Her place in the group was taken by the sexy vocalist Natasha Wright. The singer received the Golden Record Award for lead vocals in DJ BOBO's hits "Freedom" and "Love Is A Price". These songs became super hits in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. The voice of soloist Natasha Wright can also be heard on the songs of HADDAWAY and Ice MC.
Event Date / Time Venue Price  
The best of 90s Fr 20/10/2023 20:00 Arēna Rīga 36.20 - 46.20
Event The best of 90s
Date / Time Fr 20/10/2023 20:00
Venue Arēna Rīga
Price 36.20 - 46.20
Good to know
Ticketing service fee 1.20 € (including VAT 21%) will be applied for each ticket.
* "Venue service fee" 1.20 EUR is added per each ticket.
Age limit to the event: no age limit
Event language: English
Free entrance to the event: up to 6 years old persons, without separate seat
Doors open: at 19:00
Event length: ~2h
Location for the disabled in a wheelchair: yes

The ticket distributor only acts as an intermediary. If the event does not take place or is postponed, the event organizer, not the ticket distributor, assumes responsibility for the refund of the tickets purchased.
Arēna Rīga
Skanstes iela 21 Rīga Latvia
Dārzu iela 56A, Rīga, LV-2008, Jūrmala,
Reg. no: 41203065034
Event The best of 90s
Date / Time Fr 20/10/2023 20:00
Venue Arēna Rīga
Price 36.20 - 46.20
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