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Odesa, burvīgā pilsēta... / Одесса, город колдовской...

We 22/01/2020 19:00
7.00 - 17.00
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Raimond Pauls’s musical project

V. Verbin
Musical Dramatic Fantasy after I. Babel’s Stories

Music by Raimond Pauls
Directed by Vladimir Zolotar (Russia)
Movement by Igor Grigurko (Russia)
Set Design by Alexander Mokhov (Russia)
Costumes by Irina Dolgova (Russia)
Lighting Design by Yevgeny Ganzburg (Russia)
Music&Vocal Arrangement by Ludmila Mogilevsky

Cast: Yakov Rafalson, Igor Chernyavsky, Veronika Plotnikova, Aleksandr Maļikov, Galina Rossiysky, Yevgeny Kornev, Tatyana Lukashenkova, Anatoly Fechin, Vadim Grossmans, Oleg Teterin, Yevgeny Shur, Aleksey Korgin, Alexander Polishchuk, Yevgeny  Cherkes, Galina Bazhenova, Oļga Nikulina, Yelena Sigova, Yekaterina Frolova, Andrey Mozheiko and the others.


Piano – RAIMOND PAULS/Victor Ritov
Violin – Gidons Grinbergs
Clarinet – Ivars Bayaruns
Percussion – Maris Briezhkalns
Contrabass – Norberts Skraucis

Odessa sun, Odessa humour, "Odessa Stories" by Isaak Babel. Bright characters, bewitching music and free spirit of a seaport. A story of love against the background of events of the beginning of the XX century.
Raimond Pauls, a famous Latvian composer, and the Riga Russian Theatre created a hymn to Odessa - a charismatic Southern town by the sea, the town of daring smugglers and poets, the wise city, which laughs in spite of everything.
Composer Raimond Pauls, playwright Vyacheslav Verbin and director Vladimir Zolotar embody the cultural myth of Odessa. And the charm of this myth is enormous. As written in one of the reviews, «Odessa  is a small universe. The love there is reaching to the sky, the passion boils the blood, and friendship ends in death only, while the funeral is always on the highest level ... This is the very Odessa, described by Isaac Babel, - merry, hot, carefree, - coming alive in the performance «Odessa, That Magical Town...» And the music by Maestro speaks of this town not less than the texts by Babel himself...

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Buy ticket Odesa, burvīgā pilsēta... / Одесса, город колдовской... Odesa, burvīgā pilsēta... / Одесса, город колдовской... Mihaila Čehova Rīgas Krievu teātris, Kaļķu 16, Latvia 7.00 - 17.00
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