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Pecolli iestudēta Teatralizēta cirka izrāde 'Ah...Liz'

Sa 19/10/2019 16:00 - Su 20/10/2019 13:00
10.00 - 40.00
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For the first time in Riga - theatrical circus performance
"Ah … Liz" created by illusionists Pecolli
Illusionists Pecolli invite you to the opening nights of theatrical circus performance “Ah … Liz” in Riga Congress Hall, on October 19 and 20. The show will feature eccentric costumes created by Latvian designer Elita Patmalniece, fog machines, foreign artists and extravagant performances.
The author of the show Dace Pecolli reveals: “It is an exclusive opportunity for Latvians to be the first ones to see our new show, inspired by the world-famous “Alice in Wonderland”. It will be a theatrical circus performance with special effects, 3D projections and illusion art - in the magical transformations of Alice as well as the Hatter's tricks and jokes. The audience will go on adventures in The Magical Garden and The Queen's Castle, enjoy aerial acrobatics and witness other miracles worthy of “Alice in Wonderland”.”
The show features artists from America, Italy, Ukraine and Russia. Music for the show was written by the excellent Canadian composer Enzo de Roza, and the unique costumes were created by fashion designer Elita Patmalniece. Non-traditional screens create extraordinary visual decorations - the scenery is projected by 3D mapping. All video materials have been created by illusionists Pecolli. The scenography entails unique decorations reflecting the wonderland theme. The performance “Ah … Liz” features various special effects - fog machine, colourful soap bubbles and other visual wonders. The viewers are active participants of the interactive show, and it is meant for children and adults alike.
The performance “Ah … Liz” will be staged in Latvia only three times - October 19, at 16.00 and 19.00 and October 20, at 12.00. After that “Ah … Liz” will go on tour around the world.
Tickets in Latvia are available in "Biļešu Serviss" ticket outlets and e-shop:
"Making of" video:
Dace and Enriko Pecolli are the most popular illusionists in Latvia. They have gained worldwide recognition by performing abroad - in 23 years they have performed in more than 63 different countries, as well as received the prestigious Merlin's Award.
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Dace Pecolli,
Author of "Ah… Liz"
+371 29470394
Information by:
Alise Pabērza
+371 26133716

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